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What is MWC?

Digital Visual Management Platform

Interactive Digital Touchscreen

MWC is an interactive digital flip chart/whiteboard with powerful features and functionality. Hand written sticky notes are a thing of the past, no more trying to decipher handwriting and searching for lost sticky notes, forget about spending hours translating sticky note projects into meeting minutes.

Replaces flip charts, white boards and sticky notes

Replacing traditional flip charts, white boards and sticky notes, MultiWall Connect is a digital, interactive software solution that encourages improved individual contribution resulting in effective group collaboration.

Project management tools

Built in project management tools ensure meetings and data are kept moving forward in a structured manner, saving time and resource, and guarantees effective, beneficial results.

Group collaboration with multi-site connectivity

Group collaboration has never been so easy, the owner/facilitator of the session can invite multiple people or groups to participate either passively view or fully interact with multiple screen at multiple locations.

MultiWall Connect Video

How Does MWC Work?

MultiWall Connect is a touch gesture software application that runs on multi-touch screens. Electronic notes are sent to the screen by individuals using mobile devices. Notes are then manipulated on the screen by a group of attendees using various features and tools that are built into the on screen menu panel.

MultiWall Connect is available to every size business and organisation. Big or small MultiWall Connect will work for you.

In addition, multi-site connectivity allows sessions to be accessed by attendees anywhere in the world, and interact simultaneously with the group.

Why MultiWall Connect?

Why would you use MWC?

Clients use MWC for many reasons, from morning Stand Up Scrum meetings to managing full projects.


 Content Management

All data can be edited easily on screen, and simply saved, accessed and exported.

 Saves Time

Export function removes the need for a member of staff to take notes; sessions are accessed and updated quickly and easily.


Sessions aren’t fixed to a single meeting room, as in the case of whiteboards, all sessions saved in the cloud for streamlined sharing and workflow.


Automated email invites sent to users this allows for unlimited participants /attendees to any session.


Data is highly secure, confidential sessions only accessed by authorised personnel. 

 Saves Money

Reduction in travel budget as sessions can include attendees worldwide. 


 Easy to read, user friendly and quick to update, review and edit.


The built-in PM tools ensure meetings are productive and out comes are beneficial.

What do you need to run MultiWall Connect?

Software and Hardware requirements

PC / laptop / Multi-touch computer running Windows 7 or 8 with MultiWall Connect software installed, free download.

User Account(s).

Multi-touch screen.

Internet access.

Any WiFi enable laptop or smart device to submit electronic notes to the screen.





Packages & Pricing

MultiWall Connect is available to every size business and organisation. Big or small MultiWall Connect will work for you.

First Year Commitment

PAY for User Account(s), discount offered for multiple accounts purchased.

FREE Multiwall Connect Software to be downloaded from the website as many times as you like.

Second Year Commitment

NO CHARGE for software.

FREE software updates as released.

PAY ONLY to renew User Accounts(s)

Please contact our sales team for a free software trial and demo if required, before committing to buy any User Accounts.

Free Trial

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Case Studies

Our Customers

Our customers are the best source of inspiration, fuelling the teams passion to deliver innovative solutions for new ways of working. Through their continuous feedback and contributions, we have evolved MultiWall Connect together.

So we are genuinely thankful to them for making MultiWall Connect successful, and the product it is today.


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